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SpendSafe debit card is helping kids go contactless

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spendsafe contactless debit card for kids

Pocket money has been going digital for a few years now and cash is as cool as wired headphones (not at all, if you weren’t sure). Shopping and paying have naturally become ‘less-contact’, but COVID-19 is encouraging families to be totally contactless.

The SpendSafe debit card is a great way for you and your family to go contactless when out and about. Our prepaid debit cards use the same technology and security features you will find on contactless Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards. Your kids get all the convenience of a modern debit card with the security of prepaid. 

We make sure kids get the most wholesome experience of managing money, while still having a safety net. “Besides,

this just isn’t cool anymore, mom!”

Truly contactless with our prepaid debit card for kids

We want to make cash allowances obsolete! Convenience and accessibility are built right into the SpendSafe card. Find out how contactless our card makes everything.

Contactless payments at the point-of-sale

Whether at the Gap, EB Games, or ice cream store, the SpendSafe reloadable debit card for kids can be used at the same contactless payment machines that accept Visa and Mastercard. Just look for this symbol. Don’t worry parents, you can still limit exactly where the card can be used to make payments.

Shopping online

What’s more contactless than going to the store? Shopping online! Tweens are growing up with the understanding that everything can be ordered online. Order food delivery on UberEats, shop on Amazon, pay for PlayStation games and so much more.

Subscribing to magazines online

With so many magazines going digital-only after COVID-19, online subscriptions are super important. Our debit card can be used to subscribe to monthly magazines and other recurring purchases like any other debit card.

In-app purchases

It’s the bane of many a parent’s existence but in-app purchases are an unavoidable headache.   Better to let your kids run out of money on a reloadable debit card than racking up sneaky hundreds on your credit card. (Also, you can restrict spending on apps of your choosing).

Transferring money to friends online

Borrowing and lending are part and parcel of growing up. It’s how kids learn to manage their savings, build relationships, collaborate with others. The SpendSafe debit card and app can be used to transfer money directly. The card can also be used with other apps to transfer money.

Add it to your digital wallet (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.)

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay (very original naming scheme, guys) have become super popular. They add another layer of privacy and are just cool (there’s that word again). Connect our prepaid debit card like you would any other credit card or debit card to start paying touchless-ly with the phone.

Learn how the SpendSafe debit card works.